Cairo: Local Markets & Khan el Khalili Private

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Khan El Khalili district is one of the most vibrant places in Cairo. It is always full of tourists who come from various countries. There are several shops that sell a plethora of products to the extent that you would spend a whole day in case you want to explore all of them.

Read more During the 10th century, Cairo was not a place for common people; it was specified for the ruling family. When al-Mustansir became the caliph, the common people got access to Cairo, and many merchants headed to that place. After that, some Fatimid rulers restricted access to Cairo again, but when Salah ad-Din became the ruler of Egypt, he ended that state and made the city open for every citizen.

where Khan El Khalili exists has become the destination of traders, especially after Al Azhar Mosque was built. When the Mamluks rose to power, Cairo was much crowded, and builders tended to build structures that consist of multiple stories. People called this kind of buildings “Khan” or an inn for merchants. That is, the merchants can have their shops and apartments in the same building.

In the 14th century, Jaharkas al-Khalili established a massive Khan, and the whole area has been called Khan El Khalili since that time. During the reign of the Ottoman, the area was dominated by Turkish merchants, but now the district is dominated by local traders and merchants who primarily sell products and goods for the tourists.

Shopping Bazaars:

It is worth saying that many tourists visit Egypt every year to wander around the renowned landmarks, but none of them, approximately, leave Egypt without visiting the bazaars at Khan El Khalili because these bazaars offer the tourists a variety of stunning souvenirs.

There are countless types of statues that vary in size and material. You will find statues of the Pharaohs, Egyptian peasants, and other figures that reflect what people used to wear at certain periods through Egyptian history. On top of that, you can buy little figurines of the Pyramids and Sphinx.

Many people in Egypt do not make tea using the kettle, especially the Bedouins; instead, they use a special teapot and small glasses. You will find spectacular teapots of different shapes and colors available at some bazaars.

There are wonderful plates that you can fix on the wall as a kind of decoration. Above all, there are impressive necklaces made of silver, gold, or some other materials, and some of them are decorated with precious stones. Besides, you can find names written on the jewelry in hieroglyphics. You will also find other impressive shapes of gorgeous antiques.In case you prefer the stylish designs of gold, there is a street specified entirely for gold shops, where you can buy earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces as well. Besides that, if you admire camps, you must see the fascinating tents at Al Khayamiya Street, where you may watch the tentmakers working and sewing the tents inside their shops

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